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Historic Masonry Restoration and Residential Masonry Repair
Residential Repairs

​Many of our projects require great attention to historical accuracy with an emphasis on leaving an aesthetically pleasing product. Working on projects like those pictured above has given us a great sensibility for repair work of all types. The skills our masons develop from doing meticulous restoration work have served us well in doing repairs to modern masonry. This includes chimney repairs, step and patio repairs, as well as repairs to buildings damaged by trees, automobiles, and fires. Although it is not always possible, our goal is to make our repairs blend in with the surrounding masonry to avoid drawing attention to the repair. We spend a great deal of time searching for brick and mortar to match and blend in with the original work whether the project is a National Landmark or modern residential masonry.

About Us

Virginia Masonry Restoration is a full service masonry firm specializing in restoration and repair of all types of brick and stone structures. Our extensive experience in traditional masonry construction gives us a unique ability to make repairs that respect the history of the structure whether it is a modern brick building that has been damaged, or a solid masonry home from the 17th Century. Our home is Richmond, Virginia where we have a rich masonry tradition with buildings that have been built hundreds of years apart. It is part of our purpose as masons to be a firm that maintains a constant commitment to quality on every type of project we do, and to be sensitive to the responsibility we have to provide great looking brickwork.

  • Repointing Brick

  • Repointing Stone

  • Rebuilding/Repairing Arches

  • Rebuilding/Repairing Parapets

  • Chimney Repair

  • Stucco Repair

  • Fireplace Restoration

  • Porch, Stoop, and Stair Repair

  • Door/Window Modifications

  • Patio and Sidewalk Repair

  • Historic Masonry Consulting

Recent Projects

Virginia State Capitol

This project entailed extensive repairs to cracks, delaminated stucco, and terra cotta on all elevations of the Capitol Facade. This included a hands-on sounding inspection of the entire stucco and terra cotta exterior to identify areas of deterioration.  Some areas also required repairs to the original brick substrate.  All stucco repairs were completed using traditional lime mortar followed by an application of KEIM Mineral Silicate Coating to the entire building exterior.  KEIM is a mineral silicate that adheres to masonry while still allowing moisture within the walls to evaporate. 

Virginia Indian Monument

In December 2017 VMR completed the construction of this monument while working with renowned Native American artist Alan Michelson to bring his design to life as a tribute to Virginia’s Indian tribes.

Executive Mansion

Executive Mansion of Virginia also known as the Virginia Governors Mansion. Designed by Alexander Parris, is the oldest occupied governor's mansion in the United States. The mansion has served as the home of Virginia governors and their families since 1813. This project entailed the planning, excavation, and building of an accessibility ramp; located at the south entrance of the Executive Mansion.

Washington Equestrian Monument

The Washington Equestrian Monument was one of the most prestigious projects right in the heart of downtown Richmond, Virginia. This project included large repairs to the existing granite structure. The use of Jahn Restoration Mortar as well as Dutchman repairs with new stone. The project had a extensive cleaning process where our company eliminated the existing oxidation stains on the masonry, to restore the monument to the original state.

Battersea Mansion

Battersea Mansion, is one of the finest

Anglo-Palladian examples of American history today. Virtually unchanged from its beginnings in the late 1700’s, the villa retains its original, elaborate masonry work from the time period. The project included restoration and repair of several arches, replacing damaged and missing masonry. Also, the repairs made to the parapets, as well as the larger cracks in existing masonry walls. These restorations and repairs allowed Virginia Masonry Restoration to once again make Battersea Mansion structurally stable.

Mount Airy Plantation

Mount Airy, is located in the northern neck of Virginia overlooking the Rappahannock River. Built by Col. John Tayloe II (completed 1764). The work done by Virginia Masonry Restoration was to rebuild and repair the chimney in bedroom and kitchen. Repairs to broken, cracked and missing masonry; as well as repointing. Restorations of the collapsing chimney in the main kitchen, repairs to the wall opening as well as the arch above the doorway. Virginia Masonry Restoration was honored to be a part of the ten-episode HGTV series American Rehab: Virginia, where they captured all of the work being done by Virginia Masonry Restoration.

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