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​​Before and After
Making the Finished Product a Priority
Lady Byrd Hat Factory

This project is a great exhibit of many different aspects of masonry restoration.  These include: paint removal, carbon stain removal, new window openings, granite wall door penetration, mortar joint removal, stone repointing, and brick repointing.

Residential Patio

The challenge here was to provide a patio area on a hill that still provided access at five fixed locations and make the heights of the stairs and patio work with the existing landscape.  This was designed in house.

Rebuilt Chimney

As shown in the photograph, this chimney was fractured in the middle and the top of the chimney had to be rebuilt.

Pressed Brick Repointing

Every mortar joint on this wall was raked out and repointed with lime mortar.

Arch Replacement

This arch had been built incorrectly many years after the building was first built.  It had collapsed due to it's structural design  The new jack arch has been built in keeping with the style of the other arches on the building. 

Jamestown Grave Rehabilitation

These graves belong to James and Sara Blair.  Most of the masonry had been destroyed by a tree growing between the two graves.  They have been rebuilt on the parts of the original brick foundation which were still in place.  Most of the limestone was salvaged but some new pieces were fabricated to  match the profiles of the original. 

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