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The Fan District


Owning a home in The Fan District in Richmond, Virginia is like owning a part of a national treasure.  For many years this part of Richmond was neglected and many buildings fell into disrepair.  The Fan has been given new life over the last thirty years and many of these beautiful homes have been brought to life under a fresh appreciation for the historic significance of these homes and the improved understanding of how to take care of them.

Anyone who owns a home in The Fan knows that they are an eternal work in progress and they can require a lifetime of love.  They also require a practical approach in all restoration and repair matters because every situation is unique and every masonry repair choice has to be balanced with the other needs of the structure.

Most of the calls we receive from Fan home owners are related to water penetration issues.  Our work doing repair and restoration gives us a unique understanding of these matters and allows us to bring a practical approach to every repair.  Assessing the condition that is allowing water into the house and determining the most practical approach for fixing the problem requires a broad understanding of historic masonry and a willingness to work within the constraints of budgets and timelines.      

The Heart of Richmond, Virginia
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