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More Than Just Restoration

We are a full service masonry firm that specializes in historic masonry restoration but we also enjoy being a part of the masonry trade as a whole.  We all start out as masonry apprentices and we adapt our skills to fit our talents and we adapt our talents to fit the market.  Our customers live primarily in Central Virginia and they appreciate our style of masonry because our new masonry projects are built to compliment existing structures.  This affects our choice of materials, the finishing of mortar joints, and the style of the work in general.  In many cases we are able to take ideas or drawings provided by homeowners to complete new projects but we also provide design services as needed.  Many of the residential projects shown in pictures throughout this website were based on in-house designs.

Our Style 

We like curves.  We keep our mortar joints tight.  We strike our joints in a way that lets our work look like it's been there for awhile.  We accent our work with contrasting colored brick and combinations of brick and stone.  Our style is subtle but elegant. 

Virginia Masonry Restoration

P.O. Box 6749 1800 Roseneath Rd.

Richmond, Virginia 23230


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